Babak Farrokhi

 Babak Farrokhi (born November 7, 1982) is an Iranian singer, musician, guitarist and songwriter.
He is best known as the lead vocalist, guitarist and lyricist of the progressive metal band
Babak graduated in Bachelor of Agriculture Engineering in Azad University in 2002 and also passed
English and German languages courses in Tehran.
Babak’s earliest musical inspiration during his childhood was Rock and Metal bands like Metallica,
Pink Floyd, Guns N’ Roses, Bon Jovi and Bryan Adams. In 2000, his interest in music was more
stimulated when he began learning the classical guitar by his friend Aidin Jahedi’s teaching method
and became well acquainted with all scores and chords. In 2001, he pursued his music career by
learning the electric guitar and kept up learning music theories and composition and also passed
some courses in solfège in Tehran.
In 2003, Babak formed the AZHIROCK band with his friends Aidin (Classical Guitar), Ali (Bass
Guitar), Soroush (Keybord) and Henric (Drums) in the basement of his house. AZHIROCK band
firstly covered some famous music tracks of The Eagles, Pink Floyd and Yanni.
In 2006, Soheil Olfat joined the band as a lead guitar player and AZHIROCK debuted it’s first
progressive metal album The Sacred Inferno which was recorded by Norik Misakian (The famous
Iranian-Armani composer and guitar player).
Subsequently, AZHIROCK debuted it’s first music video named That Someone Is Me directed
by Bahman Tirgan featuring Farshad Hesami (Music Producer and Composer) as keyboard player,
which was publicly broadcasted from various satellite channels.
In 2008, AZHIROCK released the second album named Lucifer: Annihilated by Bamahang
production and Babak Khiavchi. The new band member Kasra Momeni joined the band as lead
guitarist during the recording of this album. The music video of song Annihilated Lucifer was directed
by The Booshehri Bros. and publicly broadcasted in satellite channels which brought the band
a great reputation in progressive metal music with overwhelmingly positive reviews.
From 2010 to 2013, AZHIROCK announced Amir Kharazi as the band’s reliable and highly
motivated Concerts Coordinator and started performing all it’s hits on stage while touring in festivals
such as MH festival in Ukraine, Unirock and Durock festivals in Turkey. The drum player Shahin
Efatian joined the band during the tour performances.
AZHIROCK band is
distinguished with it’s music genre of progressive metal with elements of Nu
AZHIROCK has been inspired by metal and rock bands like Metallica, Korn, Slipknot, Linkin
Park, Porcupine Tree, Dream Theater and Pink Floyd.
In 2012. AZHIROCK released a music video of the song Paralyzed Mind shot in the studio of
In 2013, AZHIROCK’s first live concert took place in a venue in Tehran. The band covered some
music songs from Porcupine Tree in live performance in front of more than 600 fans. AZHIROCK
decided to carry on it’s music career in progressive metal and planned to launch an album named
Rope. After 3 years of rigorous surveillance and blatant endeavors to record the Rope album,
AZHIROCK finally got the permit to release Rope under the license of Ministry of Culture and Islamic
Guidance of Iran. The Rope album has been the first metal genre album in Iran that achieved the
permit for legally release in market. Rope was recorded and remastered in Jupiter studio by Peyman

In 2020. AZHIROCK set up a cooperative marketing business with iHT Group and the band is
looking forward for a bright future to putting on more performances as an Iranian metal band.

Hossein Ashtari

Hossein Ashtari (Iranian guitarist) was born on June 16, 1980, in Zanjan, Iran.
Picked up the guitar at the age of 18, His early influences were bands like Iron maiden, Metallica, Black Sabbath and Pantera.
He later developed an interest in progressive rock. He was also deeply influenced by David Gilmour ,and forever jazz and blues .
On 2003 , He started to play in “leaders” band , and later in metal band called “Deazh” on 2005.
At the same time, graduated in civil engineering and worked as a civil engineer.
His first progressive rock album was released on 2014.
Meanwhile admiring blues songs, made him form his own blues band, named as “The Roads”.
Later, on 2015 he joined Azhirock band. Which he is now performing in , as one of the members.
Although music is his greatest passion, he is also interested in mountain climbing, as a hobby.

Peyman Jooyandehpour

Peyman Jooyandehpour (born September 15, 1987) is a great Iranian keyboardist, vocalist, guitarist and composer. He started playing music as a child (8 years old) with guitar and keyboard instruments and shortly after starting, he began to show an exceptional talent and ability. He has also done a degree in music composition from Tehran Conservatory.
His music style is Modern Jazz and he is profoundly interested in new harmonies and modern rhythms.
He has performed on stage with progressive rock, jazz and funk bands for 12 years. Collaborating with famous Iranian singers in various festivals is one of the other outstanding records in his resumé. He has also been a member of Azhirock band since 2018.
Some of his inspirational figures are Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, Steven Wilson, Jordan Rudess, Keith Emerson, Mark Knopfler and young musician Jacob Collier.
The other thing he very much enjoys doing besides music is spending time with his cat and experiencing new things.

Shahrzad Sané

 Shahrzad Sané (born May 25, 1987) is a Persian actress, singer, vocalist, video editor, film producer,
director and motion graphic designer.
She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in industrial design from the Faculty of Art and Architecture of
the Azad University in 2011. As a language enthusiast, she mastered English. In 2011, she began working
as a motion graphic designer and interior designer. Her singing career commenced by acquiring Solfège
and pop singing style. Having a consuming passion for music, moreover, she attended classical guitar
lessons. Then she acquired a taste for French. She involved collaboration with rock and pop bands both
as a vocalist and backing vocalist in 2013. In the subsequent year, she officially entered the film and
theater industry. She successfully passed a course in filmmaking and directing of the Iranian Youth
Cinema Society in 2016. The following year, she also entered video editing and animation professions.
Furthermore, she was awarded a master’s degree in dramatic literature from the Soore University in
She has participated actively in the music business with unbounded enthusiasm, including rock, blues
rock , rock and roll,
Alternative/Indie rock, soul and smooth jazz singing style, both in live and studio
performances, for a decade now and, moreover, she has recently joined a progressive metal band,
Azhirock, as a vocalist. Since 2014, she has produced and directed several short films in which she has
also been the screenwriter. Currently she is learning electric guitar and drums with an avid interest.
Many singers have exerted a profound influence on her in the course of singing, such as
Etta James,
Aretha Franklin, Beth Hart, Amy Winehouse, Whitney Houston, Janis Joplin, Tracy Chapman, Adele,
Sade Adu and … . Her favorite artists are Michael Jackson, Sting, James Hetfield, Jared Leto and Kurt
. She is a devoted fan of Metallica, Camel, Coldplay, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Radiohead,
, Queen, The Beatles and Evanescence. Swimming, fitness, sculpture and painting are her
leisure pursuits.

Mahan Vahedi

Mahan Vahedi
Started artistic activity in 2010
Start training at Arian Drums School
Member of Iranian Drummers
Rock and metal musician
Member of the Azhirock band since August 2020
Born February 7, 1999

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