When they dropped me in to the Life Well
Till now I gain nothing but Fetid smelling
Every time I struggle to climb the Wall
Always I’ve fallen, my spirit is dying
Understood I’ve to keep on in Solitude
No Regret No Fear No Pretext Clear
Plunging in Filth, I’m digging Dark Water
Too deep is this damned Well, like burning Plains in Hell
I touch my Hand’s Skin, it wrinkled of Moisture
I’m freezing in water, the Fresh breath is too Rare
Childhood’s dreams are replacing with Nightmares
Regret Fear Dark Water

Blue Kites in hands of kids
Are dancing right up the Wall like Silver Lines
I hear the kid’s laughter
Close to Well, I scream they don’t answer me
I close my eyes maybe discover Green woods
Rolling kids in Greens, tasty smells with Breeze
Soft skin girls, charming boys under lighting
In each home sound of music, leaves are dancing on Trees
I appreciate my Brain to imagine like this
No Regret No Fear No Pretext Clear
Interference between reality and dreams
Confused me like sleepin’ in Insomnia
I stare at the Pail which looks at my eyes

Tells me lose your weight then I can ride on Pail
I dive in deeply to take my chance
No Regret No Fear No Pretext Clear
Lyric: Babak Farrokhi

Trapped In Thunder

 I’m easy ready to go
You cry, and how I wonder, why?
I told you, I’m speechless to talk
You accepted, but proceed to cry
I’m thirsty to have you in My Arms
You say, with you , till we die.
I’m feeling pain inside me
You promised to make me high
In this moment I wanna cry
I don’t know, who is surprised?
At this time I’m ready to leave
Shall we go or stay till we die?
Lay you down on the Bed
Till I find a star next to your Head
Save me From Monster’s Home

Let them go to the Eternal Death
I’ll give you a star with a Wing
Just keep it in your Arms, to make you free
Inside’s Monsters pull me under.
I told you I live on the clouds
You laughed, I don’t know why?
My fears increase every time
Hold me From be taken apart
I’m distressed up in the air
These days are like Brutal Natures
They want me silent and Numb
I’m feelin’ they made me a Dumb.
Lyric: Babak Farrokhi

 A Poetical Bitter Story

A Boy Laid Down, Wants to Feel Her
In a Faded Dream, Through The Night
He Cuts The Veins, Maybe She Feels Him
In a Brighten Dream, Through His Arms
The Tale is Began Maybe is Ended
Away Hugs, Beyond The Sun
Away Dreams Come Closer
But True is Raised in Real Time
She Opened Her Eyes to The Window
With The Smiley Face, Shinin And High
Wanted To Call Him, But Wait For a Second
She Thought, He Left Her in Cry
Oh, She Did’nt Know He Still Wants Her
Painting Dreams Time After Time
He is Melting Down To Reach Love
In Other Land, Seraching Her Eyes
Lyric: Babak Farrokhi

 The Rope

Often time, I stare at the Door
Till a Shadow appears on the Floor
Shakin’ Hands scratch out the Wall
Expectin’ last looks take my eyes
Days of Thunder will come
Hopes of Mothers will die
Girls of Sun under Rain
Dead end time takes my Brain
Sometimes I feel a Thing
Crowlin’ through my Skin
I guess I’ve been infecting
As long as I attempt to see

This Barren room cries out
Of Emptiness of their eyes
Mother is painting her face
For a while I did my time
Drag me to the warmth of your Hug
Let me smell you under Sun
Touch of your Skin makes me HIGH
Before the Night wants to Die.
Like a wounded Cat, I’m scared
Do you like to feel again?
I’m gonna cut THE ROPE
Maybe you take my Hand
Staring at the Door, frozen me

The polluted Air wants to Be.
I’m ganna relieve my Soal
Maybe you feel The Thing !!!
Lyric: Babak Farrokhi

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